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About Us

The Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre is a community-based organization located in George, South Africa. It is a project of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme NPC and serves the youth of Thembalethu and the greater Garden Route District. Our mission is to ignite curiosity and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and innovation among the youth. We believe that providing access to quality education and opportunities can help young people to build a better future for themselves and their communities.
We offer a variety of programs and services to empower the youth and promote a healthy youth culture. Our science programs provide interactive exhibits, workshops, programs, and competitions that provide curriculum and extracurricular support. Our youth programs focus on equipping young people with relevant information, knowledge, education, and life skills to embrace a better future.
We also operate an Adolescent Clinic that promotes healthy lifestyles, including family planning, sex education, HIV prevention, and substance abuse prevention. Our clinic is staffed by trained health professionals who provide confidential and non-judgmental services to young people.
The Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre serves as a safe space for youth to explore and learn, while also contributing to community development, capacity building, and social cohesion. We are committed to empowering the youth and promoting a positive youth culture.

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