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Our Approach

We are impact and outcomes driven 

The centre operates as a safe space for the youth to explore how the world around them works by igniting curiosity and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Innovation. The centre also serves as a beacon for youth empowerment, community development, capacity building, social cohesion and promoting a healthy youth culture and practices through youth orientated projects and programmes, encouraging, enabling and empowering youth to complete their schooling and become contribution members of society.  

1.    Digital Awareness & Literacy​

2.    To choose Maths & Science ​

3.    Improve results ​

4.    Talent nurturing ​

5.    Career awareness​

6.    Healthy informed life choices

Main Outcomes

Personal skills ​

Social Skills ​

Analytical Skills ​

Culture skills ​​

Literacy Skills​

​Creativity ​

Soft Skills 

Educational support

STEM awareness & Promotion

Additional Service deliveries​

Community ​involvement 


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